CF Industries Award Mini-Grants

CF Industries Award Mini-Grants
Posted on 03/17/2017
Grant Recipients

Mark Feldman, Superintendent of CF Industries’ Spencer Terminal was on hand at Spencer Community Schools Central Administration Office to award several teachers with grants through the CF Industries’ Classroom Mini-grant Program.  Teachers who incorporate agriculture or aspects of the environment into their curriculum were eligible to apply, and nineteen teachers were awarded. 

“The creativity of teachers always makes me wonder what they will come up with next to help their students learn,” said Feldman.  Through the grants, students will be exposed to opportunities such as planting a garden to provide elements of nutrition-filled meals, learning ways in which plants take up nutrients and the effect of water quality on natural resources, among others areas. 

Since the inception of the Classroom Mini-grant Program, CF Industries has provided over $975,000 to teachers.  To date, the Spencer Terminal alone has donated more than $119,000 to support public safety, education and youth development organizations in and around the Spencer community.  Feldman added, “The CF Industries’ Classroom Mini-grant applications are always filled with inspired projects for students.”  This year’s grants totaled $3,591 and were awarded for projects to the following teachers:

  • Karen Halvorson, Tami Cline, Peggy Schimmer, Brook Schueller, Alisha Bernardy, Debra Wittrock, Erin Milner, Brenda Griffin, Beth Magnuson, Kimberly Moser, Tracy Gathman, Mallory Anderson and Julie Hansen of Johnson Elementary School;
  • Brad Reiman, Diane Maisenbach and Matt Ruden of Spencer Middle School; and
  • Julie Riessen, Liz Kluver and Jason Holt of Spencer High School.


Front Row: Debra Wittrock, Erin Milner, Julie Riessen, Beth Magnuson, Liz Kluver, Brad Reiman

Back Row: Jason Holt, Peg Schimmer, Brook Schueller, Tami Cline, Karen Halvorson, Alisha Bernardy, Diane Maisenbach, Brenda Griffin, Tracy Gathman, Julie Hansen and Mark Feldman, CF Industries

Missing from Photo: Mallory Anderson, Kimberly Moser and Matt Ruden