A Slam Dunk of a Gift

A Slam Dunk of a Gift
Posted on 10/18/2017
New Hoops Donation

What began as a family outing to play at the park two years ago, turned into a life lesson for the Schmidt family.  For Nate, Brea and their three children, Maisy, Louie and Willa, playing at different parks around town has become the family norm.  Two years ago, they were at the Johnson School playground.  Hoping to shoot some hoops, they determined quickly that it would be next to impossible for their kids to make a basket, let alone all of the other young students who attend Johnson School, ranging in age from preschool to first grade.

After the outing, the Schmidts visited with then administrator, Lucas DeWitt, who informed the family that it was in the plan to replace the basketball hoops, but it would be years before they would be purchased.  So as a family, they discussed how they could help.  “We went to Lucas DeWitt, and we donated money, and then the hoops got in,” explained Maisy, who is currently a second-grader.  The family donated four adjustable height basketball hoops that were recently installed on the Johnson School playground.  When asked if she learned anything from the experience, Maisy went on to say, “Helping people is a nice thing to do.”

While Louie, and his younger sister, Willa, will benefit most directly from the hoops, as current and future Johnson School students, it was exciting for the family to consider the bigger picture of how long these hoops will be in place and how many students and families will be impacted from their donation.  “This is important to them.  They were a part of this.  We wanted to give something on their level so that they could see that they were making a difference.  We wouldn’t necessarily want any recognition from this, but for the kids, we want them to see how it feels good to give and be recognized,” said Brea.

Thank you to the Schmidt family for their generosity!  Spencer Community Schools thinks the donation is a slam dunk!