Real World Experiences

Real World Experiences
Posted on 09/28/2016
mock interview

While completing the resume writing unit in Rhetoric, SHS students are expected to participate in a mock interview with a community member.  Those interested in pursuing a career in the medical field had the opportunity to conduct mock interviews with Michael Schauer, Director of Human Resources at Spencer Hospital.  When asked what the students gain from the experience, Schauer replied, “Students get a chance to experience what a real-life interview is going to be like.  They are often nervous.  I look at interviewing like a sport, or musical instrument.  The more you practice, the more confident you get.  As you feel confident, you will come across more comfortable in an interview setting.”  Schauer went on to say that having the technical skills necessary to complete the job is important, but employers are also seeking additional attributes.  They want employees who are problem solvers, organized and able to work with others.  To be able to demonstrate accomplishments in these areas, Schauer encourages interviewees to reflect on some of their past experience in jobs, school, sports and other activities as a way to stand out as a candidate.   

Jon Mortenson had the privilege of being interviewed by Schauer, and after the experience, Mortenson said, “It was good.  It was good learning about what job I was going to get.”  Schauer was the right person to interview Mortenson based on his interest in becoming a pharmacist.  “Michael had good examples of what the career does and the background of the job.  He told me how many years it would take and that it would be relatively expensive, but the pay rate for a new graduate is high.”  Mortenson added, “I learned what questions to prepare for the interview and overall knowledge of what interviewing for a position would be like.”

Schauer enjoys the opportunity to work with the students, and he ended by saying, “I am excited to see that we have many bright, accomplished students representing Spencer.”